Willow Tree Angels for Your Angel Collection

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Willow Tree Angels are Darling Angel Collectibles


Willow Tree Angels best toys and gifts

Willow Tree Angels are exquisite little sculptures that all Angel lovers appreciate. Really, how can you resist those cute little wire wings? I can’t.

And since they are totally affordable little collectibles, the Willow Tree Angels have become my favorite little gift to give (and receive) for all occasions. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, there’s a Willow Tree Angel for that.

You simply cannot go wrong giving one of these darling little collectible Angels as a gift!

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Image: “Angel of Light” Willow Tree Angel, Available below.

Angel of Prayer

Darling Angel of prayer, something we can all use a little of.

 Willow TreeAngel of Prayer

Thinking of You

A thoughtful gift for someone who needs space but you don’t want them to completely forget their friends. Or as a sympathy gift.

 Willow Tree Thinking of You

Angel of Friendship

The love of a dog is like no other, but the friendship of a soul mate is even more rare and special.

 Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

 Angel of Mine

My favorite Willow Tree Angel. Mothers don’t need wings to be Angels.

 Willow Tree Angel of Mine

Angel’s Embrace

Another one I love. To embrace a baby is to embrace pure Angelic love.

 Willow Tree Angel’s Embrace

Some Willow Tree Angel Information:

Willow Tree Angels are by Artist Susan Lordi

She left the faces blank on purpose, to leave the viewer to interact with the figure and add their own meaning.
Her love of Willow Trees led her to call her line by that name.

Since she introduced the first pieces in January of 2000, Willow Tree Angels have become a phenomenon in the collectible world.

She still creates each original figurine by hand and then the manufacturer casts the pieces in resin from her originals.

 Willow Tree Angel of Mine Memory Box

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