Taylor Swift Dolls

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Taylor Swift Dolls
Taylor Swift Singing Dolls

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Taylor Swift Dolls are the newest line of celebrity dolls and they are very suited to her I think. She is like a doll herself. But these dolls are not just fashion dolls; these are singing dolls! Yes, Taylor Swift Singing Dolls!

Beyond her musicianship seems to be a very sweet soul. I love that she is a “good girl” and not the rebel wild girl that seems to always get a lot of attention. Taylor makes being a “good girl” seem cool again. 

She has a lot of poise, and can you say wow! Beautiful! I think these Taylor Swift Singing Dolls are great for preteens and teenagers who still like to play with them. A much better role model than Barbie!

If you are interested in Taylor’s guitar, click on the link: Taylor Swift’s Guitar.

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Taylor Swift “You Belong With Me” Performance Doll

 Taylor Swift Singing Doll

Taylor Swift Performance Doll:
Another week, another hit song, that’s how it seems to go with Taylor Swift. “You Belong With Me” is another of her certified Platinum hit songs. The doll has a lovely dress too.

 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift “Picture to Burn” Singing Doll

 Taylor Swift Singing Doll

Taylor Swift Picture to Burn Singing Doll
Performance Collection Taylor Swift Doll wearing a darling Mod top hat and thigh high boots. Ooh, sometimes I wish I collected dolls.

 Taylor Swift Picture to Burn Performance Collection Singing Doll

Taylor Swift “Teardrops on My Guitar” Singing Doll


 Taylor Swift Singing Doll Performance Collection

Taylor Swift Teardrops on My Guitar Singing Doll 
This Green dress is shimmery and elf like and seems like one that Taylor herself would love to wear. It’s my favorite dress here.

 Taylor Swift Teardrops on my Guitar


Taylor Swift Sticker

 Team Taylor

How Cute is this Team Taylor Sticker? I can see lots of teenagers wearing this.
TEAM TAYLOR T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Buttons sticker

 CafePress – TEAM TAYLOR Oval Sticker – Oval Bumper Sticker, Euro Oval Car Decal


Taylor Swift “Our Song” Singing Doll

Taylor Our Song Singing Doll “Our Song” is another lovely little love song by Taylor. I love the guitars that come with these Performance Dolls. The pale Blue dress reminds me of Blue cotton candy.

 Taylor Swift Performance Collection


What I’ve learned is not to change
who you are, because eventually
you’re going to run out
of new things to become.
~Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift Pretty Melody Fashion Collection Doll
With Purple Dress

So if you want the Melody Fashion Doll of Taylor Swift, you have your choice of dresses. Pick your favorite color.

 2010 11


Taylor Swift Red Carpet Ready Fashion Collection Doll

 Taylor Swift Red Carpet Ready Fashion collection Doll


Taylor Swift Pretty in Pink Fashion Collection Doll

 Taylor Swift Pretty in Pink Fashion Collection Doll


Taylor Swift, On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

 Taylor Swift Poster

 Taylor Swift – Rolling Stone Cover by Anonymous 22


Shopping for Taylor Swift Singing Dolls

 Taylor Swift Performance Dolls

If your town doesn’t have a store that carries Taylor Swift Dolls, you might also try eBay. There are often some real bargains on eBay, especially for dolls. I always shop at eBay for research purposes. Even if I end up at Amazon, at least I know the prices at eBay for comparison.

People haven’t always been there 

for me,
but music always has.
~Taylor Swift

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