Swan Gifts for Swan Lovers

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Beautiful Swan Gifts for Swan Lovers

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Here I’ve collected some wonderful Swan gifts for your shopping pleasure or for your friends who love Swans.

You will find all kinds of Swan Gifts: Swan Jewelry, Swan Posters, Swan Art and Swan Wedding favors! Especially during the late Spring and early Summer, Swans soar in popularity because they are often used as the symbol of monogamy and undying love for weddings, and Spring and Summer weddings seem to be the most popular.

One of my lifelong friends has a pair of Swans on her lake and she says it is mesmerizing to watch the birds interact with each other and their young. (She watches them hatch and care for a few babies every spring.) Thus the symbol of them as a monogamous family unit that is caring and loving.

I love watching birds of all kinds, but to watch Swans on the water is amazing. As you will see below, I love them so much I have published a photography book of Swans from photos I took in Kensington Garden in London, England. 

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Image is Quiet Waters ©Richard Burns, All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission, since he’s my husband.

Swans generally mate for life. They remain together throughout the year and keep their young with them until they nest again. If one of a pair dies, the survivor usually takes a new mate and remains devoted.


Swan Jewelry

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Swan Poster

 Beautiful Swan Art Print on Canvas,Wall Decor Poster 24×36 inches


Swan Figurines

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Wetlands in the tundra and land
surrounded by water are the preferred
spots for many Swans who build bulky
nests on mounds. The Tundra Swan
typically maintains a territory of
at least one square mile and will
tolerate Duck and other small birds
but no other Swans.


Swan Statues

 Feng Shui Two White Swans-hand Crafted and Decorated Fine Chinese Porcelain, Figurine D03520 Feng Shui Two Black Swans – Hand Crafted and Decorated Fine Chinese Porcelain, Figurine 15188 Carlucci Italian Crystal AB Swarovski Elements Stunning Swan Figurine 2.5 Glass Swan Figurines – Set Of 2, Blue Black Glass Swan Figurine


Swan Poster

 Swan – Art Print Poster,Wall Decor,Home Decor(24x16inches)


The Swans of Kensington Garden

This is a photography book of Swans. I was visiting London in 2016 and the Swans in the lake at Kensington Garden just knocked me out so I took at least 100 photos that day. This book captures a group of Mute Swans frolicking and swimming and eating in the beautiful lake. There are pairs and babies too. The photos start in the daytime and go on until evening. I included Swan poetry and facts about Swans too. 

 The Swans of Kensington Garden: A Photo Book of Swans


The most commonly seen member of the Swan family is the Mute Swan, an enormous, all-White bird with the Pinkish bill that ends in a Black knob. The curving neck of the Mute Swan has the most neck vertebrae
(23) of any bird.


Swan Wedding Favors

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Swan Legends

Swans are subjects of an AmerIcan Indian legend and have roles in European legends and tales. Hans Christian Anderson created the children’s stories, The Ugly Duckling and The Seven Wild Swans(one of my favorites). Opera lovers enjoy the Richard Wagner opera, Lohengrin, in which the hero rides in a Swan-drawn boat.

Leda and the Swan is a Greek legend about Zeus turning into a beautiful Swan and seducing Leda, Queen of Sparta, who gives birth to twins, Castor and Pollux. This myth inspired artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Matisse to portray Swans in paintings.

AmerIcan Indian legend holds that the bird, in her ugly Duckling body, soared through dream time to search for the future. She became confused as she was by a pond, looking for the portal to this realm in an alien landscape.

Dragonfly, guardian to the entry to other states of consciousness, flew by. Swan asked him what the strange twirling Black hole was; he told her that it was the entrance to the otherworld. He also explained that she had to ask for and earn the privilege to enter the otherworld; he also told her to accept what is in the future and not try to alter the future.

Swan weaved magic as she tried to break the pond’s illusion. Suddenly, she was in the midst of a whirlwind in the water’s center. She emerged several days later. Dragonfly was stunned by her appearance. She was graceful, had White feathers and a long curved neck. Dragonfly asked her what happened. She told him that she learned to surrender her body to the power of spirit and was transported to the place where the future lies. She saw many wondrous things on the sacred mountain because she accepted the state of grace and had earned the right to enter dream time.

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