Owl Gifts for Owl Lovers

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Owl Gifts for the Wise

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On this page I have gathered an assortment of owl gifts for all the owl lovers. The posters are all available too! 

My husband and I are really mesmerized by birds and he takes lots of photos of them and uses them as ideas for his paintings. This painting of a Snowy Owl is his latest bird painting, a Snowy Owl on a Fence. (the formal name is Northern Guest)

Since Harry Potter is such a popular book and movie series, owls are again in the spotlight, as the holder of ancient wisdom, and the bringer of news. Even in ancient times, owls had an aura of mystical energy about them. And as all popular series do, Harry Potter influenced pop culture in the way of owls.

There is now much more owl jewelry and clothing than there ever was before. But bird lovers have always loved owls, so there is quite a bit of merchandise with an owl theme. If you love owls, or know someone who does, you will surely find a gift you or they will love.

Enjoy the owl gifts! Click here for more of them.

Image: Snowy Owl on a Fence, © Richard Burns, All Rights Reserved. Available below.

Owl T Shirts

Show your love of owls on your T Shirt!

 Womens Owls T-shirt – Power of a woman who loves Owls T-shirt Small Brown The Mountain Find 11 Owls Tee Shirt Adult X-Large Womens Cool Graphic Art Animal Black Vintage Style Owl T-shirt XL Slate Mens Awesome Owl T-Shirt | Funny Red Eyes Horror Zombie Style XL White Great Horned Owl Head T-Shirt-S Haircloud Women’s Loose Short Sleeve Graphic Print Tee Shirt Tops

Snowy Owl on a Fence by Richard Burns

Richard Burns is my husband and glorious artist. This Print is now available at my store on Zazzle. It is much less here than it is at AllPosters and other online stores. So if you love it, now it can be yours for a reduced price!


Owl Jewelry

There is a myriad of owl jewelry available and I have picked my favorites here. But if you are looking for owl jewelry and you don’t see it here, just click any photo and you will see many more owl themed jewelry pieces.

 Neoglory Jewelry Owl Pendant Necklace Blue Crystal Rhinestone Necklace 17 START Black Owl Jewelry Sets Necklace + Ring + 1 Pair Earrings 3-Pieces Latigerf Jewelry Women’s Lucky Owl of Night Pendant Necklace and Long Chain Created-opal Gold Plated Vintage Ornate 3D Owl Moon Watch Clock Hand Gear Cog Steampunk Chain Fancy Dress Necklace Miraculous Garden Womens Vintage Owl Jewelry Sets Silver Retro Turquoise Gemstone Owl Pendant Necklace Drop Earrings Charm Bracelet Set (Antique Silver) Neoglory Blue Crystal Made with Swarovski Elements Vintage Owl Pendant Necklace Charm Jewelry 35.4 Sannysis Fashion Women Lovely Infinity Owl Pearl Friendship Multilayer Charm Leather Bracelets Gift (Purple)

Owl Nursery Rhyme

The Wise Old Owl
Sat in an Oak;
The more he saw
The less he spoke.
The less he spoke
The more he heard
Why can’t we all be
Like that wise old bird?

Beautiful Owl Books

All of the books that follow are ones I have in my own library so I totally recommend them. They’re all richly illustrated. We keep a few on our coffee table.

 Exploring the World of Owls Owls: A Guide to Every Species in the World Owls: Our Most Charming Bird Owls (Nocturnal Animals)

Owl Poster

 Buyenlarge ‘Birds of Prey-Owls-Vertical Classroom Poster I’ Paper Poster, 20 by 30-Inch

Plush Owls

 Aurora World 9 Wizard Snowy Owl Wild Republic Cuddlekin Great Horned Owl 12 Douglas Cuddle Toys Crescent Silver Owl (3837) Melissa & Doug Giant Owl – Lifelike Stuffed Animal (17 inches tall)


Owl Poem

The diet of the owl is not
For delicate digestions.
He goes out on a limb to hoot
Unanswerable questions

And just because he winks like men
Who utter sage advice,
We think him full of wisdom when
He’s only full of mice.
~By X. J. Kennedy

Owl Coloring Books

If you or your child love coloring, Owl coloring books are fun to color!

 Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book (Adult Coloring) Owls Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Books) Groovy Owls Coloring Book (Coloring Is Fun) Adult Coloring Books: Owls: Relaxing Designs to Color for Adults

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