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Music Boxes~Gifts and Collectibles

music box gifts,

Music boxes make wonderful gifts! I used to help manage a district of Music Box stores and so many customers would tell me how much their music box gifts touched people!

It does not surprise me; I have loved them all my life. When I was little, my Father got my Mother one as a gift for their anniversary. It was a disc player, a very fine antique one, and she loved it, but I think I loved it more.

It had all these little discs about the size of a modern day cd, and each one had little slots in it . Each one played a different song, and those slots were the code implanted in the discs to tell the harp of the box to make noise. (sort of a simplified explanation) It was my favorite thing in our house, whichever house it happened to be.

Later when I had children of my own, my Mother sent that music box to me as a birthday gift. I was so excited and gathered all my children around to hear it. Alas, they were young and their response was, “Ok, yeah, that’s great, can we go back and play now….”

But since I had a growing collection and they had to listen to all these music boxes regularly, they started appreciating them for the musical instruments that they are, and began buying me new ones as gifts, so now I have a huge collection of unique music boxes. My Mother also collected music boxes and left me hers, so I can turn on a bunch of them at once and hear a cacophony of tinkling melodies all over the house anytime I want.

Here are some beautiful music boxes for you browse for your own wish list or those of anyone on your gift list that already “has everything.” Music box gifts are the best, really!  Everyone, without fail, is completely delighted upon receiving a music box as a gift! 

You can listen to one while you look, and if you don’t see a music box you like, click on any image and be transported to Amazon where you can see many more!

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What are Music Boxes?
Why do People Collect Them?

Music Boxes are exquisite little musical instruments really. They were first invented by Swiss watchmakers and clockmakers who were used to dealing with mathematical formulas on cylindars for watches and clocks. They wanted to add some animation to these so the process evolved into adding music…by way of striking a cylinder in some way.

Before recorded music, wealthy people might have disc players with hundreds of different discs to play for music during the day. Remember, there was no TV, radio, etc, so this was one form of music they could enjoy even if no one played a musical instrument.

I love the sound that they make and will sometimes turn on lots of them at the same time. I like to have different tunes, and will sometimes buy one for the song it plays.

Old fine music boxes are quite valuable to collectors.

Listen to Music Boxes

Wood Collectible Music Boxes

The following are 2 exquisite music boxes in hand carved wood. The one on the right is in a box hand carved in Sorrento, Italy. There a quite a few more too, in different shapes and sizes. These boxes have superior musical gizmos inside, with 30 or 78 notes. The more notes, the more exquisite the sound the music box makes…You can choose different songs too…Just click on a box and see all the ones available.

 RHYMES 78 Note best wooden music box musical gift home decora birthday & women gift Y78M33 Extraordinary 30 Note Grand Musical Theme Music Jewelry Box with Lift Up Tray with 30 Note Tune-March of the Wooden Soldiers

Wood Music Box Gifts

All of these boxes have a basic 12 note instrument inside them. There are many more but this is a good cross section of what is available. If you want a wood music box, just click on a photo to see more of them.

 Place 4×6 Photo Here You Are My Sunshine Dark Wood Finish Jewelry Music Box – You Are My Sunshine Personalizable Music Box, Wooden Jewelry Box 4×4 Inch- Novelty Item, Unique Artisan Traditional Hand Carved Wood Jewelry Box Mom Your Love Wood Finish Rose Jewelry Music Box – Plays Tune What a Wonderful World

Ballerina Music Boxes

Ballerina music boxes are one of the first kinds of music boxes little girls are introduced to. I think every one of my friends had one of these and I did too. Great to put her little trinkets in and listen to the music while she does it.

 JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box with Spinning Ballerina, Pink Design, Swan Lake Tune Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Carousel Music Boxes

Maybe it’s because carousels always play music but there is an astonishing array of carousel music boxes. So if your little one loves horses or carousels, they are a great gift!

 MusicBox Kingdom 14198 Carousel Angel with Porch Music Box Playing HoneyGifts Laxury Carousel Music Box,Flower Design,Pink

Musical Snow Globes

Not quite a music “box” but musical snow globes are very popular as gifts. You can find them in just about any theme you can imagine and they make adorable and unique gifts to give for any occasion. Just click on a photo and put the type you are looking for in the search box.

 Hummingbirds Purple Flowers Garden Glass Musical Snow Globe Plays Tune A Few of My Favorite Things Sweet Dreams Guardian Angel Baby Prayer Musical Music Glitter Globe Snow Globe Plays Brahm’s Lullaby Precious Moments Disney Showcase Collection, Wonderful Things Surround You, Musical, Resin/Glass Snow Globe, 132108 Giraffes Zebras and Elephants 100MM Music Water Globe Plays Tune Don’t Fence Me In

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