Lite Brix Building Blocks for Fun Building Projects!

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Lite Brix by Cra-Z-Art
Lite Brix Building Blocks

Lite Brix building blocks.
Lite Brix are the coolest building toys for kids! I just love that they light up and can either make the fantastic toys provided from the plans in each kit, or be combined with Legos and other building blocks to make whatever your child’s imagination can dream up. 

All the Lite Brix are compatible with each other and they are totally compatible with Legos, so the possibilities are endless! The lights make whatever the project is look beautiful. Your child will have hours of fun with these beautiful toys filled with light. The light is supplied by a battery pack of 3 AAA batteries, so very cheap energy to run them too. Here are all the Lite Brix available right now at the lowest prices too. Remember Amazon always gives you the power to choose the lowest price, and orders over $25 qualify for free shipping!

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Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Space Trooper
The Most Popular Lite Brix on Amazon
Lite Brix Space Trooper

The coolest Space Dude around! This Lite Brix Space trooper literally glows like you think kryptonite would, even Superman would be no match. I can see why it’s the most popular of the Lite Brix, as it would be cool to add into Star Wars toys, or Transformers, or Skylanders, or any number of robotic and construction toys.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Space Trooper

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Race Car
A Best Selling Light Brix Kit
Lite Brix Race Car

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Race car that lights up while you drive it? Well at least you can fantasize with this “light” vehicle car! The Lite Brix kit contains everything you need to make this Race car and then you can use the Brix to make other stuff later.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Race Car

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Lumi-Port
Very Popular Lite Brix Construction Set<
Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix 3D Construction Building System – Lumi-Port

A port to keep all your other Lite Brix vehicles in and it glows! I think I want a whole set for my family room, and my granddaughter can play with them when she comes over but the toys will glow in my room at night. They can all stay in this Lumi Port.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Airport Playset and Plane Vehicle

Rainbow Glowing Lights Posters Bright Lights Art

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Laser Copter
A Buyers Favorite Lite Brix Set
Lite Brix Laser Copter

Laser copter lights up, so a “light” vehicle for sure. Have fun building your copter and then you can use the pieces combined with Legos or other Cra-z-Art Brix to make even more cool vehicles.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Laser Copter

Lite Brix Building Blocks on Amazon
Lite Brix Hot Hog

Calling all hog lovers, bling out the motorcycle and let it light up the road! Then you can park it in the Lumi Port featured above.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Lumi Cycle

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Super Flash Jet
A Popular Lite Brix Building Set
Lite Brix Super Jet Fighter

Fighter Jets never looked so great as this jewel like plane kit. Enjoy building your cool jet plane that sparkles in the sky.

 Lite Brix Super Jet Fighter

Atom Splitter LED POSTER
Rainbow Lights Art

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System
Star Shuttle and Launcher
An Amazon Favorite Lite Brix Building System
Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Star Shuttle and Launcher

Still got your mind on the Endeavor? This space shuttle and launcher is a wonderful addition to your Lite Brix collection. Dreaming of far away spaces and unlimited possibilities is a wonderful activity. Light up the sky when you launch your rocket.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System – Star Shuttle and Launcher

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Building System
Fire Rescue Station
A Boy’s Favorite Lite Brix Toy Construction Set
Lite Brix Fire Station and Truck

It’s a Fire Rescue Station, but it could easily pass for a Space Station too, don’t you think? I love the lights in these Lite Brix, the Cra-Z-Art people had a genius idea with these blocks. Any thing your child builds with these bricks is going to be gorgeous.

 Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Fire Station and Truck

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