Lighthouse Gifts for Lighthouse Lovers

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Lighthouse Gifts

For People Who Love Lighthouses

Lighthouse Gifts best toys and gifts

Why are Lighthouse gifts so popular? Lighthouses are icons for many reasons, not the least of which is that they are a beacon of light to ships on the sea, the marker of land being near. At last, home from the seas!

It’s actually amazing what lighthouses go through and remain standing! Year after year of pounding waves, and sea air constantly. But they are engineered in such a precise way that they do remain standing for centuries! So since ancient times, people have been fascinated by them.

They are used as a symbol by many groups, and collected by many collectors. My husband paints them and his Lighthouse paintings are among his most popular. You can see one of them just above.

Here you will find many Lighthouses for yourself or as gifts for Lighthouse lovers. Enjoy!

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Lighthouse Art

 Ohio Wholesale Radiance Lighted Canvas Wall Art, Lighthouse Design, 16X12-Inch Pixxprint Lighthouse In The Dunes Black / White On Canvas, XXL Huge Pictures Completely Wall Framed With Stretcher, Art Print On Mural With Frame Size: 100×70 cm

Lighthouse Figurines

 Lighthouse Perpetual Calendar Starfish Wooden Lighthouse 10 Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Mini Lighthouse Stone Resin Figurine I AM the Light Lighthouse 4 inch Resin Stone Table Top Figurine

Lighthouse Snow Globes

 George S. Chen Imports Snow Globe Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Desk Figurine Decoration White with Black Striped Lighthouse 100MM Water Globe Plays Tune By The Beautiful Sea

Lighthouse Books

Lighthouse books are lovely to put on your coffee table for guest to look through. They are nice reference books too!

 Lighthouses of North America: Beacons from Coast to Coast Lighthouse Encyclopedia: The Definitive Reference (Lighthouse Series) The World’s Greatest Lighthouses The Ultimate Book of Lighthouses: History, Legend, Lore, Design, Technology, Romance

Lighthouse Jewelry

 Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Lighthouse Necklace Pendant with 18 My Guiding Light Silver Plated Lighthouse Pendand with Crystal Stones Pendant Necklace – 18 inch Chain Rosemarie Collections Women’s Cruise Pandora Style Charm Bracelet

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