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 Books by James Dillet Freeman

books by James Dillet Freeman

James Dillet Freeman is one of my favorite poets and also writers. He was the Poet Laureate of Unity Church for many years and I would always love every poem they published by him.

His words just have a magical way of conveying truth. He wrote quite a few books and they are all inspiring. Here I am sharing my favorite poem by him but it was a hard choice since there are so many beautiful ones.

His book Angels Sing in Me is a favorite of mine too. Really after reading him I feel so peaceful and calm and all seeems right with the world. If you know someone who loves to read inspiring books, I am sure they would love James Dillet Freeman!

Note: You don’t have to be Christian to love his books. Or even spiritual, really. His books speak to the human condition, and universal truth.


I love James Dillet Freeman and this is one of my favorite poems by him. 

Search as I may, I cannot find
Where my body is and not my mind.
Is the flower not the vine as much as the root?
Are the branches less or more than the fruit?
Let any small leaf fall, the whole
Vine trembles. At the inmost soul
And center of life’s being, none
Is less or more: we are all one.

Did You not say, Lord, You are the vine,
We are the branches, You are the wine!

To put on my humanity,
You had to share yourself with me;
I am the cup, and You are poured
In me, through me, over me, Lord.


by James Dillet Freeman
 ~published in Daily Word, 1990

Books by James Dillet Freeman


 Love, Loved, Loving! The Principal Parts of Life Happiness Can Be a Habit a Book About the Goodness of Life A case for believing Love is Strong as Death: Moving Through Grief Angels Sing In Me: The James Dillet Freeman Memorial Book

A Christmas Poem by James Dillet Freeman 

My Favorite Christmas Poem 


Merry Christmas 

I wish you merry Christmas!
I say it like a prayer~
When you wake Christmas morning,
May all you wish be there!

Oh, may the Spirit of the Christ
Into your heart descend!
I wish you merry Christmas!
It means, I love you, friend.
~written in 1953


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