Funny Cannabis Shirts

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Funny Cannabis Shirts


Warning: These T Shirts are not PC and are not intended to be viewed or purchased by anyone younger than 21.


Funny Cannabis shirts for laughing and telling the world how you feel about this wonderful plant that is so useful. And also  so fun to use for recreation!

 Cannabis 420 Shirt Sativa IndicaCannabis 420 Shirt Sativa Indica Funny Cannabis 420 Shirt Life is Hard Weed HelpsFunny Cannabis 420 Shirt Life is Hard Weed Helps Funny Cannabis 420 Shirt Keep Calm And Roll OneFunny Cannabis 420 Shirt Keep Calm And Roll One Cannabis 420 Funny Shirt Hits HappenCannabis 420 Funny Shirt Hits Happen

For cannabis shirts with a message of ending its prohibition and legalizing it, click on the link. 

 Legalize Cannabis Shirts

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