Elmo Rocks~Toddler Approved! Let’s Rock Elmo!

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Let’s Rock Elmo! Best Toy for Toddlers!

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My granddaughter is in love with Elmo. As my daughter says, Elmo is a rock star at her house!

Baby Lilyana is a genius at spotting Elmo everywhere we go too, so we often have to stop and check out the newest Elmo merchandising offer. But there is nothing like Elmo himself. From the original Tickle me Elmo to the latest Let’s Rock Elmo, and all the Elmos in between, there is bound to be an Elmo your child will love.

I’ve already been informed that my granddaughter wants the Let’s Rock Elmo for Christmas, so I already ordered it and if you don’t want to miss out, order it early. You know how it goes. You want it. You decide to wait a while. You finally decide you’re ready to get it and they are sold out. Remember the Tickle Me Elmo Stampedes? Don’t let that happen! Get it now.

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Let’s Rock, Elmo!
The Latest Elmo Doll!

Sesame Street’s Newest Elmo Doll, Just in Time for Christmas…the Let’s Rock Elmo! Well, he is a rock star after all! Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments~ a tambourine and a drum set. If you already know you just want to get Let’s Rock Elmo for your little Elmo Groupie: Click here for Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo!

 Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo

Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Roll Elmo

Elmo sings, “plays” guitar and shakes to the beat just like a real rock star. He sings two cool songs. If your toddler loves music, they will love this Elmo doll! Perfect as a companion for the Let’s Rock Elmo doll too! 

 Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Roll Elmo

Fisher-Price Elmo Live

Elmo waves his arms, sits and stands, even crosses his legs. His head bobbles back and forth as he speaks. Perfect for a very young toddler, like a 2 year old. 

 Fisher-Price Elmo Live

Fisher-Price Chatters Elmo

Furry Fun Chatters Elmo is a 7″ tall plush and plastic figure. If you shake its body his mouth will open and close with fun character phrases and unique giggle. Shake once for a giggle or word and shake repeatedly for full phrases.

 Fisher-Price Chatters Elmo

 The Original Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle him once and he’ll giggle. Tickle him twice and he’ll laugh. Tickle him thrice and watch him convulse with laughter!
Elmo giggles hysterically after 3 consecutive tickles. He also says fun phrases when he is lying down or in upright position.

 Fisher-Price Tickle Baby Elmo

Gund Elmo Large – 20″

This Elmo has a floppy and cuddly design. It is soft, lovable and has the perfect toddler size to go everywhere.This is an exclusive sesame street character by Gund. It is bright Red fluffy plush with washable surface. Soft and huggable.

 GUND Sesame Street Elmo Stuffed Animal, 20 inches

Why Does Elmo Rock?

Why Is He the Favorite Toy of his Toddler Groupies?

The Plush Elmo products from Sesame Street, are well made and soft and cuddly. Toddlers who love Sesame Street and Elmo will be thrilled with one of these dolls.

Toddlers relate to Elmo~he is their age!

Because they relate to him, they listen to him!

All of Elmo’s vibrant personality shines through on all these dolls.

Since they are soft and huggable, they also take toddler abuse very well!

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