The Blessings Angel Poster

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Beautiful Angel Poster: The Blessings

The Blessings Angel Poster


“The Blessings” is one of my favorite posters of Angels. Angel posters create a beautiful ambiance in any room. I especially like them in nurseries and Master bedrooms. I like to think they bring blessings to my room. Get this one at (not an affiliate link)

In the Flow

I am in the flow of divine abundance.

When walking the beach at low tide, I may find dry sand where an hour before the waves washed over my toes. Yet, there’s no worry; the tide will return. Similarly, I need not worry about the temporary appearance of lack in my life, because I know there is abundant supply.

~Daily Word

The richest person is not the one who has the most,
but the one who needs the least.

Give thanks for whatever you have and more will come to you.

 An Angel Poem

May all your days be sunlit
And all your nights be moonlit
May all your troubles be melted
Soon, and all your blessings be

andromeda galaxy

Wisdom from The Course in Miracles


A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct.

~The Course in Miracles

The journey to God is merely the awakening of the knowledge of where
you are always, and what you are forever. It is a journey without distance
to a goal that has never changed.

~The Course in Miracles

The peace of God is everything I want,
The peace of God is my one goal: the aim
Of all my living here, the end I seek,
My purpose and my function and my life
While I abide where I am not at home.

~The Course in Miracles

sombrero galaxy


The Sombrero Galaxy as viewed through the Hubble Telescope has over 800 billion suns and is over 50,000 light years across. Probably home to many Angels…


When the stars are in the placid sky,
And soft winds are blowing o’er the lea
Then I feel that God still dwells on high,
And the Angels are singing unto me.
When I hear the laughing gurgling stream,
Or the waves of the deep and plunging sea,
Then I’m lull’d into a pleasant dream,
And the Angels are singing unto me.

~from a song by Stephen Collins Foster

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~Astronomy Posters are courtesy of NASA.

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