Best Toys for 8 Year Old Girls

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Best Toys for 8 Year Old Girls!
Christmas and Birthday Toys
For 8 Year Old Girls


best toys for 8 year old girls,

What are the best toys for 8 year old girls?  By 8 years old most girls already have definite interests so if you are looking for the best gift for an 8 year old girl, a good place to start is by finding out her favorite things to do. Any 8 year old that already has a hobby is a little easier to buy for, just get her something having to do with her activity.

But if she doesn’t have a hobby, is she a girly girl? By 8, most little girls have their own sense of style. So these little girls might love clothes or jewelry or art kits to make objects that are jazzed up with bling. Maybe she’s a Tom boy type and shuns the girly stuff. Ride on toys are perfect for her. Bicycles, scooters, active toys are the perfect gift for this little 8 year old.

If you want more ideas I’ve got lots of kid approved ideas here from my nieces, including tried and true classic gifts plus modern ones that seem magical to me. Dolls, dollhouses, clothes, jewelry, ride on toys, electronic gifts, and arts and crafts gifts are listed here by category. You’re sure to find the perfect toy or gift for that special little 8 year old girl in your life.

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Image: Lalaloopsy Doll, available below, from Amazon.

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Kindle Fire for Kids
 Best Electronic Gift for an 8 Year Old Girl

The Kindle Fire for Kids is the most popular kids Tablet on the market right now. There are a couple of other close contenders, but this one is a buyer’s favorite, an Amazon favorite, and a kid’s favorite little computer tablet. It’s actually a very sophisticated electronic gadget that is advanced enough for adults, but in a kid friendly case with built in kid friendly features and software. 8 year old girls are the perfect age to start using the more advanced features of the Kindle Fire for Kids. Built in e-Reader, yay, save those little backs! Read from the Kindle Fire for Kids, not from heavy books. 

 Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7

Cute Pink Hat for an 8 Year Old Girl
Popular Gift! 

 Funnie 21 Novelty Animal HAT Cosplay CAP – Unisex Fit Adult & Children- Soft Warm Headwraps Headwear with Mittens (Pink Kitty)

Razor Electric Scooter
Best Outdoor Toy for 8 Year Old Girls

A scooter is a perfect ride on toy for an 8 year old girl. Quicker and easier to get around the neighborhood than a bicycle, easier to store, smaller so it can fit in her room. One of the best toys for 8 year old girls! 

 Razor E100 Electric Scooter (Pink) Razor E100 Electric Scooter (Red)

Bicycles for 8 Year Old Girls
Bicycle Ride On Toys

 Razor Angel Girls’ Bike, 20-Inch Monster High Girl’s Bike, 18-Inch, Black/Purple/Pink

Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever
Bracelet Making Kit
Best Art Gift for 8 Year Old Girls

Eight is the perfect age for this bracelet making kit. 8 year old girls love to trade bracelets. This bracelet making kit comes with 4 different looms for a variety of bracelet styles and will make 22 bracelets from the supplies included. Buy more supplies to make more bracelets for a fun and fashionable hobby. What a great gift!

 ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

Artist Toys for 8 Year Old Girls
Who Love Art
8 Year Old Girls Love Arts and Crafts

For a crafty little 8 year old girl, these kits will provide her with loads of fun and a finished product to be proud of. Also, I started sewing at 7 years old on a regular singer, so 8 is not too young to start sewing on a kid friendly sewing machine if she has an interest in sewing. To learn more about Sewing Machines for Kids, click here.

 Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush with Metallic Paper

Jewelry and Bling Kits 
Very Popular Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

At this age most girls are really into sparkle and bling. These artist kits help them make sparkly flashy jewelry so they can show their love of bling.

 Stick N’ Style Blinglets Game / Play Jewelry Design Super Set. Accessories, Playset, Collection, Beads, Personalized, Materials, Fashion Toy / Child / Kid

Cute T-Shirt for an 8 Year Old Girl
Popular Gift for 8 Year Old Girls

A T-Shirt for your little star. Most 8 year old girls are into fashion already, and love to get cute clothes for gifts.

 DC Super Hero Girls Power Glitter T-Shirt Featuring Wonder Woman, Batgirl & Supergirl (Medium 7/8)

FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys
Most Popular Toys for 8 Year Old Girls

I just love the Fijit Friends Robotic Toys. They are wonderful little companions for your child! Fijits actually learn your child’s voice and intonations and respond to them. They sing, they dance, they laugh! Children love theses things, their little robotic companions. Reminds me of R2D2 in a way, just precious. So, a little electronic doll.

 FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy FIJIT Friends Sage Interactive Toy FIJIT Friends Logan Interactive Toy FIJIT Friends Serafina Interactive Toy

Furby!!! Another Interactive Robotic Toy!
Furby is Perfect for 8 Year Old Girls

 Furby Boom Crystal Series Furby (Pink/Purple) Star Wars Furbacca Furby Boom Plush Toy (Teal Pattern Edition) Furby (Pink)

My Little Pony Princess Celestia
A Favorite Gift of 8 Year Old Girls

 My Little Pony Princess Celestia Collector Series (White)
Princess Celestia talks and has already become a collectible. A must have My Little Pony for collectors. When my daughter was 8, she and all her friends would play with My Little Pony Toys for hours.

 My Little Pony Princess Celestia Collector Series (White)

My Little Pony Figures
Classic Toys for 8 Year Old Girls

My Little Pony Toys are so popular I would consider them classic toys. When my daughter was little she had loads of them, and her daughter does too.

 My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Rainbow Dash Figure My Little Pony – Twilight Sparkle 8 My Little Pony Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia Pony Figure (Discontinued by manufacturer) My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Pinkie Pie Figure

Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy Dolls are the most popular dolls for 8 year old girls and are great gifts for them. They hit the stage in 2011 and really caught on. Little bendable cute dolls based on Rag dolls in appearance. They each have a distinct look and personality. Collect them, they will be a collectible some day, and then you’ll wish you had tucked a few away. Remember Star Wars figures? I rest my case.

 Lalaloopsy Doll- Royal T. Honey Stripes Lalaloopsy Toasty Sweet Fluff Doll Lalaloopsy Star Magic Spells Doll Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Large Doll- Jewel Sparkles (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Melissa and Doug Doll House
Family Heirloom Gift
For an 8 Year Old Girl

Melissa and Doug The House That Jack Built.  8 Years old is a perfect age for a Dollhouse! I got mine when I was 8, and made my daughter one when she was 8. It’s that time when a girl starts to dream about her own home, and it’s so fun to decorate your own little miniature house. My daughter and I loved our little Dollhouse hobby. She and I made all the furniture from kits. This Doll house is a classic that she can keep and give to her own daughter. 1:12 Scale means it fits many fashion dolls and much doll house furniture is available to buy or in kits.

 Melissa & Doug The House That Jack Built – Robinette

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