1928 Jewelry Company Vintage Style Necklaces

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1928 Jewelry Company’s Vintage Style Necklaces are Available Online!

1928 Jewelry Company Vintage Style Necklaces

Here are some of 1928 Jewelry Company’s newest necklaces from their vintage necklace collection this year.

1928 Jewelry Company has always been my favorite costume jewelry. Both of my grandmothers loved old stuff and both collected jewelry from that era and when 1928 Jewelry Company first started, it reminded me of my grandmothers’ collections. I’ve always been sort of old fashioned in my clothing style too. Stevie Nicks was my clothing idol.( And singing but I digress.)

There is just something about the designs of that era that appeals to me. Plus 1928 Jewelry is not expensive for what you get: Gorgeous vintage style jewelry that is well made and will last. It looks far more expensive than it really is.

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Photo is a Red Garnet Choker Necklace from the 1928 Jewelry Company.

1928 Modern Vintage Style Necklaces. Over 100 styles to choose from!

 1928 Jewelry 1928 Jewelry Antique Gold & Garnet 34 1928 Jewelry Smoked Brown Copper-Tone Magnifying Glass Necklace, 30 1928 Jewelry Gold-Tone Brown Pendant Necklace, 16 1928 Jewelry 1928 Jewelry Gold-Tone Rotating Trio Locket Necklace, 30

More 1928 Vintage Style Necklaces


 1928 Jewelry 14k Gold-Dipped Swarovski Crystal Bib Necklace, 16 1928 Jewelry Gold-Tone Vine Filigree Teardrop Adjustable Collar Necklace, 16 1928 Jewelry 14k Gold-Dipped Pink Moonstone Pendant Necklace 1928 Jewelry 1928 Jewelry Gold-Tone Ivory Color Floral Decal Pendant Necklace, 24 1928 Jewelry Gold-Tone Siam Red Square Faceted Adjustable Pendant Necklace, 16

1928 Jewelry Company Jewelry Has Become Collectible in its Own Right!

Authentic jewelry from the 1928 era has become scarce because it is so collectible and loved. That’s why the founders of the company originally started making it, for an inexpensive source of the jewelry of that era. Well now the company’s brand is so well known, it has become collectible in its own right. How ironic, in a good way.


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